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Many savvy investors lack either the time, experience or desire to deal with the operational challenges involved in managing an investment property.   Our professional management services include:


*        Accounting Services
*        Maintenance
*        Property Inspections
*        Property Marketing and Vacancies
*        Tenant Relations
*        Risk Management
Accounting Services:
o   Full transparency: regular monthly statements summarize all the accounting activities for each property.
o   Accounts payable services efficiently manage bill paying and revenue collection activities
o   Custom financial reporting available to help understand areas of progress and opportunity.
o   Annual statements assist with tax preparation and understanding investment performance.
o   Preventive maintenance: we protect investment value by ensuring that the property is adequately maintained.
o   Emergency response: on call 24/7 support.
o   Supervised quality maintenance and repair.
o   Complete management of outside sub-contractors and vendors.
Property Inspections:
o   Property exteriors and common areas are routinely inspected for wear and tear. 
o   Property assessment and improvement reports. ACRE offers property assessments with suggestions for capital improvement expenditures to enhance the safety and value of the investment.
Property Marketing and Vacancies:
o   Understanding market rental values and vacancy factors.
o   Marketing, advertising and listings
o   Showing and presentation
Tenant Communication:
·         Tenant applications: screening policies consistent with legal obligations
·         Rent collection
·         Deposit collection and refunds
·         Contracts, addendums, pre- and post-move inspection reports
Risk Management:
o   Rent Board and stabilization laws: Detailed knowledge and understanding of latest rent control programs and regulations.
o   Maintain practices in compliance with latest current laws and regulations.
o   Strive to attain maximum rents permitted by law.
o   When necessary, execute eviction proceedings in compliance state and local laws.

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